Thermal Printer

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Thermal Printer80mm USB port, RS232 and EthernetSpeed: 260mm/s Automatic Cutting
80mm Thermal Printer. USB and RS232 Ports. Speed: 200mm/s. Automatic Cut
80mm Thermal PrinterPorts USB, RS232 and EthernetSpeed: 200mm/sAutomatic cut
The solution for the equilibrium between functionality and quality. The POS80300 is an 80mm Thermal Printer, with automatic cutting, USB, RS232, LAN and WiFi....
Thermal printer 80mm Ports USB+RS232+Ethernet Printing Speed: up to 250mm/sec 
80mm thermal printer with automatic cutting and USB, RS232 communications. LED sensors. Printing speed 300mm/sec.
80mm thermal printer. USB port + RS232. Automatic cutting. Black. I/F slot (Ethernet, Wifi, optional Bluetooth). 250mm/s. 180 DPI QR Code. Android compatible....
Thermal Printer 80mm. USB, RS232, LAN and Wi-Fi. Automatic Cutter. Speed: 260mm/sec. Font QR-Code.
REF: POS2241Thermal Printer 80mm,with automatic cutting, 250mm/sUSB, Serial and Ethernet portsQR-Code Source
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